VeloFinland programme

The full programme will be published in August.


Friday October 4th 2019

  • 9.00-16.30 Main programme
  • 19.00-21.00 Pecha Kucha: Ride Espoo!

Saturday October 5th 2019

  • 9.00-16.00 Main programme
  • 16.30-19.00 Special bikes testride event
  • 19.00-22.00 Evening programme

Sunday October 6th 2019

Finnish Cyclists’ Federation Annual General Meeting (just in Finnish).

Picks from the Programme

Marco te Brommelstroet

Associate Proffessor in Urban Planning, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Our Cycling Language Matters

Who can dislike the weather sensor on traffic lights that give cyclists extra green time during rain? What could possibly be wrong with the ideal Dutch separated cycling infrastructure? The professional language that we use to understand mobility is not only a mirror of reality. It also profoundly shapes this reality in the first place. To properly discuss the pro’s and cons of mobility interventions, and of cycling policies, and to fully grasp the potential perversities of seemingly good ideas, we need to dig deep to the underlying metaphors and images that we implicitly use. And if we dig deep, we might even find alternatives that work better!

A short journey that connects the worlds of the homo economicus, the washing machine, a flock of geese and a swarm of starlings. To challenge our thinking, and sharpen our collective minds for the challenges ahead.

Emilia Sternberg

Project Manager, Cykelfrämjandet, Sweden

How we improved Sweden’s unique municipal cycle-policy benchmarking study by asking cyclists

The presentation provides some tools and inspiration for different methods of benchmarking cities and the importance of holistic perspectives in cycling policy and urban planning for cycling. It will also cover what makes a great cycling municipality, from both a municipal policy perspective, as well as a cyclists’ perspective, and which cities rank the highest in Sweden in our latest benchmarking studies.

Morten Kerr

Municipality of Oslo, Agency of Urban Environment, Norway

When in doubt, put up a sign

Bike route signage in most countries leaves a lot to be desired in terms of consistency, readability, visibility and overall useful information to the cyclists – both within cities and on the road. The Oslo project will show ”best practices”.

Angela van der Kloof

Sustainable Mobility Consult, Mobycon, The Netherlands

Streets as facilitators for an independent and active lifestyle

The process of building an active lifestyle starts from home, then develops close by home, and gradually expands the area of the child to roam around freely. Attention will be paid to parenting styles and the contribution that children’s independent mobility provides to the well-being of children and parents.







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