Cycling Capital Oulu

At last, VeloFinland arrives to Finland’s Cycling Capital, Oulu. You are warmly welcome to enjoy Oulu’s World class cycling infrastructure, great innovations to boost cycling, extensive network of mountain bike routes and beautiful sceneries of Oulunjoki -river and Gulf of Bothnia.

More Cycling than Anywhere Else in Finland

Today’s Oulu is a large municipality spreading over to 3800 km2. Still 17 % of all trips in the municipality are made by bicycle (National Travel Survey, 2016). In the city every forth trip is made by bicycle, meaning that people of Oulu city choose bike as often as average Dutch do.

One can see this when visiting Oulu: all kind of people are riding and you see bicycles everywhere.

Cycling is popular mean of transportation in whole Oulu region. The residents of region ride average 528 kilometers per year, which is almost double to most average Finns.

Super-class Winter Maintenance

If you have heard about Oulu, you have probably heard about their excellent winter maintenance of cycle paths. From November to the beginning of April, temperatures usually stay below freezing, with average temperatures in January and February below -10℃. Still 12 % of trips in winter are made by bicycle. This is more than in Helsinki’s mode share (9 %) all year round!

People of Oulu ride through the winter, because the winter maintenance of cycle paths is so good. 150 kilometers of main cycling network is in Super-class of maintenance. Super-class routes have only one contractor whose only responsibility is to take care of these cycle paths. There is high level of standards for the maintenance and if the contractor reaches them, he gets bonuses. Dozens of volunteer ”winter agents” supervise quality of maintenance.

Great Destination for Cycling Tourists

Cycling tourism is growing fast in Oulu region. Oulu region offers unusually diverse possibilities to enjoy cycling in very different environments. The extensive and high quality cycling path network offers family friendly possibilities to ride anywhere in the region. One can choose from beaches of Kalajoki, picturesque island of Hailuoto or Iso-Syöte Mountain.

Mountain bikers can start riding in Kaakkuri sports area in the city and keep on riding on paths to several peaceful and quiet forests, beaches or hills and mountains. You find all Oulu Region possibilities for tourists at

Welcome to experience the Northern Europe’s Cycling Capital!

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