Call for Papers

The Call for Papers has been extended until April 16th! Share your best research, experiences and ideas with the cycling world.

In 2023, VeloFinland’s main themes are:

  • Lively City Centers
  • Physical activity of children and youth
  • Bicycle tourism in cities and
  • From city to nature by bike

Cycling can be approached from the perspective of economy, transportation, city planning, public health, quality of life, education, tourism, culture, civil society and decision-making.

Presentations, workshops and excursions can be held in Finnish or English.

VeloFinland is a low-carbon event, so we are also happy to receive proposals for video and online presentations.

Presenters get a 50% discount on VeloFinland 2023 attendance.

Submit your proposal by 16.4.2023  using this form.



Lectures will be held in the auditorium. They are combined with other presentations into approximately 90-minute sessions.

Duration: 15-20 min
Audience: 100-200 people
Audience interaction level: moderate
Subject matter deep dive: moderate


In workshops participants solve problems, develop ideas or give their input on a specific project. Workshops can also be split to be part of multiple sessions and can include a bike field trip or a walking tour. Alternatively, workshops can take place during the breaks of the general program. Workshop results can be presented for the larger audience.

Duration: 1,5-4 h
Audience: 5-40 people
Audience interaction level: high
Subject matter deep dive: high

Pecha Kucha (Friday, September 22nd, evening)

A Pecha Kucha presentation has 20 images that are displayed for 20 seconds each. The presentation’s full duration is 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The presentations are very intense and require tight focus on the subject. Each session is comprised of several presentations. For Pecha Kucha, we hope to have presentations with an emotional or informal focus.

The Pecha Kucha will be organized as a separate evening program on Friday the 22nd of September.

Duration: 6 min 40 s
Audience: 100-200 people
Audience interaction level: low
Subject matter deep dive: moderate

Round table discussions

In the round table discussions, a host will give a quick briefing to the participants on the chosen topic and lead the conversation. The discussions allow participants to apply their expertise to the the subject matter at hand.

Duration: 1-1,5 h
Audience: 5-40 people
Audience interaction level: high
Subject matter deep dive: high

Video presentations

We can include short videos as part of the program. Please let us know if you prefer to give your presentation in video format instead of a live presentation. YouTube presentations can gain a large number of views online outside VeloFinland.

Duration: 30 seconds to 10 minutes
Audience: 50-10000 people
Audience interaction level: low/none
Subject matter deep dive: high

Field trips

A field trip in Joensuu is a good way to showcase the local environment or try and solve more complex issues. A field trip can be done on bicycles or by foot. The same field trip can be organized several times during the event to attract as many participants as possible.

Duration: 45 minutes – 4 hours
Audience: maximum 20 people per each guide
Audience interaction level: moderate
Subject matter deep dive: moderate

Online presentations

Please remember, you are welcome to be a presenter at VeloFinland even if you cannot join us in Joensuu in person. Presentation can be done virtually. VeloFinland is a low-carbon event and we want to decrease the amount of flights taken, therefore we encourage virtual participation, when possible.

Duration: 5-20 minutes
Audience: 50-200 people
Audience interaction level: low/moderate
Subject matter deep dive: moderate

Creative presentations and art

We welcome all kinds of presentation and show formats and all mediums of art. Please submit your creative ideas and let us know if you have an idea for a complementary event outside the general program (etc. during a break or as part of the evening program).

Duration: 1 min – 1,5 h
Audience: 5-200 people
Audience interaction level: low to high
Subject matter deep dive: low to high

Selection of the presentations

The jury will review all proposals and choose the presentations between April-May 2023. We will contact all applicants in May.

Submitting proposals

Submit your proposal by 16.4.2023 using this form.

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