Immigrants on Bikes: 4 years of teaching, learning and success



The Immigrants on Bikes (IoB) project started in February 2018 and after almost 4,5 years we have achieved to train a total of 1400 people in 15 different municipalities all around Finland.

This has been a great journey and we were able to enhance the everyday life of many women. We have learned the importance that cycling skill can have to a person’s motility, independence of movements, physical and mental health, empowerment, capacity building and finally to integration. As many of our participants stated, “the feeling of Otherness fades away when I’m biking in the city”.

The IoB project is ending but the work of teaching people living in Finland to bike will continue. You can contact me ( if you want to train your staff to become trainers, aka coaches, thus teaching how to bike or if you want a personalized biking course for your group.

Helsinki, Vantaa, Tampere, Oulu and Vaasa (below the contact list), in different ways and quantities, will carry on also with this important work, enhancing the cycling skills to all of those that have never acquired it or have lost during their journey.

In this page you will find all the information and materials produced during the project.

 Contact persons

Helsinki & Vantaa: Hepo, Taina Renkonen;

Tampere: Tapo, Joel Lindholm;

Vaasa: Teo-hanke, Teija Masanen;

Oulu: Liikuntapalvelut, Virpi Markuksela:

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