Finally, VeloFinland arrives in the cycling city of Joensuu! Come and enjoy Joensuu’s bike streets, try the Dutch-style roundabouts, park your bike in one of the nearly five hundred bike racks on the side of the market and experience the versatile mountain bike routes.

City of cyclists

In the city of Joensuu, 15 % of all journeys are made by bicycle (Passenger traffic survey 2021). Joensuu has the second highest number of cyclists among Finnish cities. On average, a resident of the Joensuu region makes 100 trips by bike and rides 463 kilometers per year.

The high modal share of cycling really pops out in the streetscape: all kinds of people are pedaling and top-class bike parks are filled with bikes. But this is not enough for the city of Joensuu: The city’s ambitious goal is to increase the share of trips made on foot and by bike from 45 percent to 50 percent by 2025.

City of bicycle streets

Finland’s first bicycle street was opened on Kauppakatu in Joensuu in 2017. Since then, several bicycle streets have been built in the city. Joensuu has shown that a high-quality bicycle street is a viable solution for both the residential streets and the city center.

The city’s largest suburb, Rantakylä, can be easily reached by Super-Cycle Highway while enjoying the scenery of the Pielisjoki River.

In general, Joensuu region has smooth cycling connections. For example, the distance from the village of Liperi to the center of Joensuu is 27 km. This entire distance can be cycled on a bicycle path and at every intersection the oncoming traffic is required to yield. Traveling by bike is smooth and comfortable.

Many styles of bicycle tourism 

Bicycle tourism is on the rise in the Joensuu region.

Joensuu pulsates with modern urban life, but nature can be found right around the corner. Joensuu offers nature trails, swimming beaches, campfire sites and fishing opportunities right next to the city center. You can start off from the city center for a long weekend bike tour along mountain bike and gravel paths. Joensuu region’s mountain biking network is more than 200 kilometers long.

A classic for road cyclists is the Tour de Pyhäselkä in the landscapes of lake Saimaa. The charm of speed can be reached downhill at Pärnä Bike Park.

Come and experience Joensuu on September 22-23, 2023! We also recommend booking Sunday 24.9. to enjoy cycling in the Joensuu region.

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