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VeloFinland is coming to Porvoo in the eastern Uusimaa region! Enjoy the cycling routes along the banks of the Porvoo river, try out downhill mountain biking at Kokon Bike Park or take in the historic views of Old Porvoo.


City for everyday cyclists

Porvoo’s goal is to make the city a functional everyday cycling city. Through zoning and city planning, Porvoo is developing a functional and comprehensive public transportation framework, rail connectivity and creating bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly urban areas. The city center’s transportation infrastructure development is moving towards low-speed, cycling and pedestrian friendly streets.


A historic city

Everything in Porvoo is nearby. Around 10 000 of Porvoo’s 51 000 inhabitants live within one kilometer of the market square, and 35 000 of them within five kilometers of the square. For most, walking and bicycling are the easiest and the most natural means of transportation in their daily life.

When cycling in Porvoo, you are transported to historic times at every turn. Bike the route In the footsteps of Albert Edelfelt (approx. 14 km), explore Porvoo’s candy manufacturing on the Sweets, Art and Lakesides route (approx. 10 km) or head out along the river to the village of Kerkkoo on the approx. 20 km circular route.


Experience the region’s cycling routes

Several cycling routes go through Porvoo, which offers many wonderful sights to explore, e.g. the famous Old Town waterfront, the Porvoo Cathedral and all of its restaurants and hotels.

Most notably, the South by Cycle route runs through Porvoo and is a unique dive into the natural and cultural gems of the coast of Southern Finland.

Welcome to VeloFinland in Porvoo 26.-27.9.2024! Stay for the weekend, attend the Annual Meeting of the Finnish Cyclists’ Federation on September 28th and enjoy cycling in the stunning scenery of Porvoo.

Kuvat: Porvoo, Matkailu, 2020, ©Sami Heiskanen

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